What we offer

Insights, tools and practices to strengthen your personal leadership style.

What makes us different

A neutral, secure, friendly and intimate environment; a Club with strong relationships between participants, who will become your long-term buddies.

A genuine success

Our pilot year has been a real success, with wonderful feedback from those taking part, who have benefited greatly from embarking on this journey and forging strong personal relationships.

So, we have decided to engage closely with participants and help them to really implement the changes they want to see in their way of being and working.

You can do it!

Changing your habits and behaviours is not easy, but with the right support and attention – you can do it! This is what our Club is about … members of the Club interact « live » and via dedicated social media, motivating one another, sharing experiences, suggesting good reading, giving advice – and growing as individuals and professionals.

The PPD programme focuses on three key leadership paths: leading oneself, leading one’s team, leading in the bigger organization.

See what our programme has to offer and book it into your diary!

(from left to right) Marianne Kremer, Isabelle Loris, Anja Kuemmerlein and Deborah Lacher


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