Dear (current and future) Members of the Entrepreneur Club, 2017 has been a good year for our Club. At the half-way point, here’s a short update on past activities and our future diary of events.

Lifecycle stages

In January, some of us met at Memnon Archiving Services, where Michel Merten (ICS 1985) shared his experience of the 4 lifecycle stages of a company: idea – creation – growth – transmission. A wonderful experience to reboot the Club’s activities and gather ideas for the future.

In March, the Club also participated in the Solvay Entrepreneurs Day 2017 at the ULB, together with Solvay Entrepreneurs Executive Education and our entrepreneur students.

Business transmission

In June, Salvatore CURABA from EASI shared his experience of management innovation, describing how his employees are invited to participate in decision making and join the shareholders while progressing within the company.

This autumn, we will hold two more events: an evening on « Business transmission » during the « Transmission Week » at the end of October; and an event on « Entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy », examining the possible benefits of local complementary currency usage in the B2B economy.

Also, working with the Solvay Students Entrepreneur Club, we will be organising a mentoring event, matching up Solvay Alumni mentors with entrepreneur student mentorees.

Join the Club!

Our team is evolving. We would like to thank Bruno Nortier for his energy and dynamism over recent years in organizing the Club’s activities. Bruno is taking a step back but will, of course, remain a member of the Club.

We are always looking for entrepreneurs to join the team and for sponsors and venues to host events; as entrepreneurs, we are all incredibly busy, so any contribution, however small, is greatly appreciated in this collaborative effort.

We thank you in advance for your support and contribution! And we look forward to meeting you at our forthcoming events.

Bruno Nortier (MCC 1999) & Hugues Dethienne (MCC 1999)
SSA Entrepreneur Club coordinators


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