After graduating with your Master’s in International Relations you decided to complete an Advanced Master’s in Management (formerly the Master Complémentaire Conjoint en Gestion Technologique et Industrielle) at the SBS-EM. How did this decision influence your future career path?

> Delphine Libioul: The two year Complementary Master’s at the School marked a turning point in my career. Alongside my evening classes, I was working as a Financial Services Adviser at Belfius, soon after the Dexia group resolution. At that time, the bank was undergoing a vast restructuring plan and my own department underwent an internal reorganization that took 3 years to complete instead of the intended 18 months. This had a very negative impact on the work climate and employee motivation, reinforced by a substantial staff turnover and uncertain future. I decided to use this experience as a case study for my thesis on Change Management at the SBS. I found the topic fascinating and, thanks to the SBS Alumni Network, I was able to find my current job which focuses on Change Management in organisations.

You currently work as a Business Transformation Consultant at DXC Technology. Could you tell us more about your job?

My role here is to support the implementation of Change Management projects within organisations, for example in the case of a merger of two companies or during the introduction of a business solution or BPR (Business Process Reengineering). We evaluate the risks and potential difficulties arising from these transformations, such as costs resulting from possible delays or the impact on employee motivation, and establish a Change Management plan in order to facilitate the process. What I enjoy most about my job is that it involves strategic business thinking as well as a strong human dimension. I am currently working on a project in Luxembourg and will hopefully have more opportunities to work for clients at international level.

Why did you decide to become a SolvaySchoolsAlumni Ambassador?

> My Master’s at the SBS-EM brought me new opportunities and I wanted to share my experience with others. A key dimension of my role is to promote the programme with potential students from Belgium and abroad. I also put a lot of effort into motivating my former classmates and the broader Alumni network to keep in touch by organising gatherings and attending conferences and debates together. Since many of us are now scattered all over the world, I also try to further develop the online aspect of the network. One of the greatest added-values of the Master’s was that we all came from very diverse backgrounds such as international relations, law, philosophy, even biologists, and were able to build up a network of professional and academic elites, some of whom became close friends.

What advice would you give to recent SBS-EM graduates?

> For me, the opportunities the School brings occur as much during the study period as afterwards. Not everybody wants to become a promotional Ambassador but there are many other ways to contribute to and strengthen the Alumni network – for example, by sharing your experience and useful information or by attending events together. As with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.


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