Ernest AfterWork is, as the name suggests, not too late. Sharing experiences and ideas at the bar with other Alumni. Leveraging the diversity of our Solvay community in terms of functions, industries, generations, backgrounds and languages. Fun and friendly, with an itinerant side, discovering new and totally different places. And also new tribes. After work. Very Ernest AfterWork. In the true Solvay spirit. Becoming an Ernester and taking part in AfterWork events is free of charge for all Alumni, paying and nonpaying members.

With our 2nd event came the opportunity to launch the new Cocina Aperitivo&Pizzeria restaurant – an initiative by 2 Solvay colleagues! Just a year after its creation in the heart of the Châtelain district, CŎCĪNA has opened a new restaurant near the bustling Place Flagey. While the Negozio&Trattoria restaurant on rue Washington continues to attract more and more Italian cuisine enthusiasts, its little sister, the Aperitivo Bar & Pizzeria on rue Lesbroussart provides a different slant aimed at a young, active and cosmopolitan audience.

Along with its Italian aperitivi menu, CŎCĪNA Flagey offers a wide selection of cold cuts and cheese boards, typical antipasti and quality pizzas and boasts a fine selection of wines and a festiveand daring range of Italian cocktails.

Around 150 Ernesters discovered this new venue and helped in launching this original concept.

And then the great atmosphere generated by Ernesters attending the second edition of Ernest AfterWork!

Noémie de Crombrugghe (Solvay Alumna 2016)



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