Our Women Leaders of Tomorrow


After celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Women Alumni Network at the D’Ieteren family’s automobile gallery, in the presence of our patron Dominique Leroy and talented sommelier Anca Petrescu of the Alexandre restaurant, it was time to turn our attention to more serious matters with a workshop based around Centered Leadership. The workshop and cocktail networking combination has made our Women Alumni evening events unique and very popular among the increasing number of women of all generations who are now taking part.

Sharing experiences

This latest workshop was, like those before, highly interactive, combining theory with practical exercises in small groups. Over the course of the evening, participants learned to recognise their (re)actions in the face of certain situations, identified their personal opportunities for improvement and developed a better understanding of their energy sources and how to boost these – all this in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere of shared experiences and mutual support. Some simple but powerful tools were explained by two inspirational leaders and we were able to experiment with putting these into practice. All who attended left the event with a sense of having improved their leadership “potential”!

Let’s Play Lego

The Women Alumni group brings together women graduates from the SBS-EM and Brussels Polytechnic. The next event will focus on Collaborative Management with Samantha Hoggart, an Alumna who recently launched a training start-up in this field. In autumn 2017 she will present this concept to us, making use of a very familiar toy: Lego. Further information will soon be available on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Don’t miss out. Be there! We look forward to seeing you.




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