With a degree in Commercial Engineering from the SBS-EM, a PhD in Economics, and a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from the ULB, Thierry Lambrecht also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

An Alumni with sustained involvement

Thierry Lambrecht has always been very attached to his Alma Mater, becoming President of the Union of Former Students, member of the Board of the ULB, President of Brussels University Press and also director of CEPAC at the SBS-EM. Thierry Lambrecht recognises that the public authorities are not in a position to fund research in the way that it needs to be funded and that we’re all stakeholders in this, so he decided to lend his support to the entrepreneurs and managers of tomorrow. He is also mindful of the need to protect the ULB’s ideals of freedom and the rights of individuals in the face of external constraints that may jeopardise these rights. He believes that research has a very special role to play in contributing to the achievement of these objectives.

A dedicated fund

For Thierry Lambrecht, the idea of a dedicated fund within the Fondation ULB offered an ideal solution to supporting research: the Fondation ULB gives its administrative and legal support and also benefits from favourable tax arrangements for the donations and bequests it receives. As Thierry Lambrecht explains, “the Fondation ULB is perfectly equipped to welcome initiatives and specific funding in the field of research while dealing with the administrative, legal and tax issues involved.”

Thanks to Thierry Lambrecht’s initiative, the Fondation ULB will now be able to support research projects within the SBS-EM and CIERL to the tune of €100,000. The first
awards will be allocated in the 2017-18 academic year.



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