In agreement and not …

They pointed to the increasing demands being made on governments by business while at the same time public debts are spiralling. Though not agreeing on what lies behind the ongoing economic slowdown and the growing disparities in wealth distribution, both panellists shared the view that austerity politics were not providing the right answer.

David Pestieau indicated the need for a radically different bottom-up approach to ensure that political decisions are accepted by the whole of society. He also suggested that mostly the middle and poorer classes were contributing to these efforts without getting their fair share back, which explains the distrust of traditional political parties.

The “cogestion” model

Both panellists agreed that a turning point has been reached where an ideological debate revisiting the relationship between capital and work as inputs to business vitality is needed. Bruno Colmant suggested that the “cogestion” (joint management) system applied in Germany could serve as a model. The audience exchanged views with the panellists during
question time and over drinks at the end of the event.



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