Reorienting towards Mindful Leadership and CSR


The Daniel Janssen Chair in CSR has supported the school substantially over the past 13 years. As holder of the Chair for about 6 years I have had the opportunity to develop several topics that matter to our society: global economic governance, corporate accountability and reputation, international law and virtue-based business ethics.

After such a long and successful contribution to education, the Janssen family and the School have decided to reorient the Chair towards mindful leadership and CSR. A mindfulness approach will equip CSR to address inner states and motivations for managing companies ethically and with compassion. Such matters are vital for leadership to create social value alongside economic value for a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Extending CSR into mindfulness can guide philosophical scholarship and scientific research aimed at practical demands for business leaders to assimilate multiple criteria in pursuit of social and financial value creation and environmental responsibility. The Chair is refiguring course material and proposing new Executive Education courses. Alongside this, the Chair is forging collaborations with scholars and businesses in Europe and around the globe.


Both Dean Bruno van Pottelsberghe and I – as the fortunate holder of the Chair – are delighted to express our gratitude to the Janssen Family. The whole School and many hundreds of students have been touched by their generosity and deep commitment to corporate social responsibility for many years. Baron Daniel Janssen has been a loyal supporter of the SBS-EM, as Chairman and then Honorary Chairman of the International Advisory Board, and as a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility stretching back to his exemplary leadership at the Solvay Company. We are delighted that the Daniel Janssen Family Chair is being extended under the auspices of his wife Thérèse and sons Charles-Antoine, Nicholas and Edouard. The family’s financial backing, inspiration, and encouragement are helping to improve the stature of the School and at the same time helping to find innovative ways of making Belgium and the world beyond a better place.

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