Solvay Schools Alumni has launched a new Development Programme aimed at empowering alumni to achieve greater professional and personal impact.

The Centered Leadership workshop held in September – the first of such workshops – was, for each of us, more than worth the investment in time and money. Sixteen alumni from different backgrounds embarked on a journey to discover better ways of managing themselves and their teams. Addressing issues such as energy, emotion and fear and unlocking our potential by gaining a better understanding of how we function… it was truly inspiring!

So when can YOU TOO enjoy the opportunity to develop your potential in a safe and friendly environment, connecting with like-minded alumni? New workshops will be available
in 2016-17 focusing on the opportunities and challenges we face in our professional lives – so keep an eye on your email!

“Good leaders look after themselves too and that is what you learn here… I liked the practical side a lot: sharing ideas with partners / teammates was a rich and enjoyable experience. I met some great people!” Luc, ICS 1990

“My thanks to SSA for launching this new cycle of the Personal and Professional Development programme with this engaging residential session. There are many other workshops, books, seminars etc on self-assessment and leadership, but this one really provides the participants with very practical and effective tools through an intensive series of interactive group exercises in a sound, open and respectful atmosphere. The magic is that the whole group positively wants to keep in touch and extend their experience together and with others through a Development Community.” Benoît, AMP 2012

“Time is precious, and so am I. Taking 36 hours out to reflect, share, discover and appreciate my qualities and those of others in an open and energized environment, has given
me “Brain Food” to explore. What an enriching experience!” Clare, Exec Master IT 2012

“Being more conscious of the 4 sources of energy, we learned the importance of having well-balanced energy levels to improve professional performance and life satisfaction. I would like to thank not only Gauthier and the SSA association for organising this workshop, but also the
group itself for the exchange of experiences and the positive energy among us.” Freddy, HIS 1994

“Inspiring and powerful seminar! I took a major step in changing my professional life the very day after the training… Thank you also to SSA for setting up the Personal Development programme, a positive step in the services offered to Alumni. Looking forward to the next workshop :)” Marianne, ICS 1981

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