The Solvay Schools Alumni Africa Business Club was launched by young alumni who strongly believe in the economic development of Africa through business. The ABC’s first objective is to enhance access to information regarding business opportunities in Africa. This will be achieved through high-level conferences, where high achievers and like-minded people share their knowledge. The second objective is to act as a networking platform for those interested in this topic.

Financial environment

The latest event was dedicated to different aspects of the financial environment in Africa, such as investment banking, the challenges faced by European firms wanting to invest and the impact of new technologies that make it possible to create new and appropriate solutions for the African context. These points were explored and developed by Carole Maman, CIO of BIO-Invest, Marcel Mballa Ekobena, Head of Investment Products, East Africa Standard Bank Group and Fernand Dimidschstein, Managing Director of Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa at Accenture. Around a hundred people attended this event and were able to engage with the speakers during the Q&A, which was moderated by Annie Mutamba, EU-Africa government relations consultant at Meridia Partners. The event ended with some friendly networking over drinks.

Big issues

Through its upcoming events, the ABC will tackle some of the major issues facing Africa today, such as recruitment, opportunities and challenges in FMCG, the growing real estate sector and the potential of the agribusiness sector.


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